Lead Vocals and Keyboards

I started performing at the age of 8 with my first solo in a Christmas musical.  Through the years I’ve performed in choirs, musicals, pop bands, acapella groups and currently now with Red’s Rhythm.  I enjoy performing a wide variety of music.

The reason I worked to start Red’s Rhythm was to have fun. I like our band members because I feel everyone is relatively laid back and ultimately loves to play music. I love the eclectic play list we have so the music can be enjoyed by all ages.

Music is an extension of my soul. If I didn’t sing or create music my life would feel empty. There have been several times in my life that I’ve tried to close off the performing/creating aspect of music, in order to focus more fully on the practical things like my career, family and friends. When I go the more practical route, I lose my passion and feel depleted.  I have to remind myself that singing is more about the enjoyment than meeting anyone else’s expectations. I sing because I love to sing. It’s that simple.


Red's Rhythm

Playing an eclectic sound of rock, blues, R&B and country.