My favorite group of all time since ‘79 is Van Halen. Other groups I like are 38 Special, Stones, ZZ Top, and others of that era.

I first got interested in playing drums in ’78 at my pastor’s home watching his son playing (said to myself, “I’ve gotta learn to plays those things!”). As far as why I like RR, is because first I love the atmosphere, every 1 gets his or her say in what we play, a group effort so to speak.

When people ask me why I play music, I tell friends and family I’m in my own little world for an hour or so.  It lets me put my work and problems outside and enjoy my life. I love to play; I would play for free the rest of my life if I had to.


Red's Rhythm

Playing an eclectic sound of rock, blues, R&B and country.